4As brainchild Putra Brand Awards Launched
18 January 2011, Tuesday

Entering the scene: A people's choice award that recognizes all brands, local and SMEs included. Strong brands are built on the toil, creativity and ingenuity of passionate brand builders. Just like outstanding individuals, they should be recognized for "their positive impact on society", not just for "how much they are worth".

Driven by this conviction, Datuk Vincent Lee, president of the 4As, set about establishing a credible standard and level-playing field for brand valuation. The Putra Brands Awards, which was recently introduced by the 4As at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on 14 January as an extension of Malaysia's Most Valuable Brands (MMVB), not only recognises public-listed companies but also local brands and SMEs. While MMVB measures best brands by financial valuation, the Putra Brands Award streamlines deserving winners by brand strength measurement and consumer preferences.

According to Datuk Vincent Lee, "The valuation process is unbiased and transparent. No one can pay their way into the rankings. The fact that you don't have to pay for this brand recognition speaks volumes of our credibility and sincerity in building a great brand culture for our country." It is therefore no surprise that the Putra Brands Award is the only brand award endorsed by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and the Branding Association of Malaysia in the country.

Jennifer Chan, chairperson of the brand council, noted that the Putra Brands Award will provide "an effective platform for Malaysian brands that aspire to be noteworthy players in both the local and international markets." Organized in association with MMVN, the Putra Brands Award saw the collaboration of major players in the industry including PULSE, the Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA), the Media Specialists Association (MSA) and the Branding Association of Malaysia.

A robust and unbiased consumer research polling system developed by PULSE Group called BRAND PULSE is used to determine and provide scoring to each brand. The BRAND PULSE methodology ensures objectivity and transparency via thorough research and provides valuable information on what Malaysians think about the nominated brands.

A total of 6000 consumers are involved in the research process, making it the largest consumer research sampling of its kind nationwide (covering East and West Malaysia). The brand council identifies and short lists brands based on 18 Nielsen ADEX categories. Ten brand owners consisting of local and international brands will then be shortlisted from each category and required to submit a written submission based on predetermined criteria of their brand's health. The MMVB board of governers will review, approve and endorse the gold, silver and bronze award winners from each category.

The Putra Brands Award is governed by the MMVB Board of Governers, consisting of the 4As, the MATRADE and well-known brand leaders of their respective industries. 4As has also initiated a brand council made up of trusted professionals and leading experts in the business of building brands. The prize giving ceremony will be held on the 12th of March this year.