The Current State of Advertising
25 July 2011, Wednesday

Industry leaders and 4As members from all disciplines gathered on the 5th of July to attend the 4As Leadership Forum located at the Celebrities Club, Soho KL, Solaris. Approximately 80 participants from various agencies and businesses met on this day with the intentions of gaining knowledge, ideas and concepts.

left to right: Tony Savarimuthu, Richard Stevens, Dato' Johnny Mun

The event focused on issues faced by Advertising Agencies today from revenue, agency remuneration models to talent retention.

Insights were shared based on factual comparison of how agencies operate in the past to agencies of today. A comparison was made between agencies that were seen as respected communication and strategic partners i.e. indispensable brand guardians, to mere suppliers of creative work, order takers and regurgitators.

A general solution process was presented to remedy the apparent descent of an agency’s quality, which included agency's having to reinvent, re-evaluate, reposition, refocus, rejuvenate, redemption and re-establishment. This concept of ‘Creative Metamorphosis’ was paired up with a final, inspirational quote: "Tribulation is often the catalyst that promises perseverance, character and hope!" Seminar speakers also demonstrated the benefits of optimal financial practice with the Agency Compensation Model, introducing three basic compensation methods, elaborating on a fee-based remuneration, commission and a hybrid of the two techniques, all in the name of efficient financial practice.

The forum reached concluded with the “State of Advertising”. The industry had descended from a credible, admired and respected profession to one that has lost its reason for existence. There is a decline in traditional advertising due to numerous factors. The dwindling value of creativity and other key issues were discussed, like unfair compensation towards agencies and other troubling matters.

The 4As continues to be the driving force that unites the advertising communications community in Malaysia. In an effort to strengthen the 4As reinforce the need for its members to stand united in its efforts to raise the awareness and quality continues to take top priority in its communication to the public and marketers.

Salary inflation

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