“People make or break a brand. Without the right people,
our brand would not have been able to flourish.”

— Albert Chiang, Group Managing Director, Bonia Corporation


With its strong presence in the Malaysian fashion scene for over 30 years, Bonia moves its influence into international arena. Today, Bonia is a brand leader in fashion products made from fine leather and high-quality accessories.

Bonia Corporation was incorporated on 28 August 1991 as private limited company under the name of Premium Fashions Sdn Bhd. On 22 June 1993, the company was converted into a public limited company and changed its name to Bonia Corporation Berhad on 18 September 1993. The company was subsequently listed on the Second Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now known as Bursa Malaysia) on 23 August 1994. On 23 April 2007, Bonia Corporation was transferred to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. Bonia Group is principally engaged in manufacturing of leather goods / shoes; designing, promoting and marketing of fashion products for the company’s own brands; and distributing fashion products for some International Brands.

The Bonia Group had its humble beginning in 1978 with the formation of Bonia Trading Co., a partnership dealing in leatherwear and accessories. In 1989, the Group established a manufacturing facility in Melaka to design and manufacture leather goods.

The company began its organic expansion strategies by positioning its products in the domestic market and gradually into foreign territories. Even in those early years, the Bonia management recognised the importance of brand building as opposed to just selling its product. The Bonia brand is associated with fashion, fine craftsmanship and quality. 28 years henceforth, the Bonia group can proudly reflect on its achievement of being the leading Malaysian company with strong positioning as a quality leatherwear fashion house.

Today, Bonia Corporation Berhad is one of Malaysia's leading local leatherwear manufacturers, enjoying a 28% market share of local products with 37 boutiques and over 200 counters within department, retail and duty-free stores across Malaysia, carrying products ranges from bags, wallets, shoes, apparels to accessories.

The group is gaining a strong foothold in the Middle East following the opening of its flagship boutique in Jeddah, and three others in Saudi Arabia with more plans to come. Bonia’s financial performance in FY2006 includes a 15% sales increase with marginally higher operating profit margins while market capitalisation was up by 122% at RM 130 million.


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