Are you a member of the 4As?
It's one of the top questions on most advertisers' minds before deciding to appoint an ad agency. 4As membership equals advertising credibility. It assigns greater value and distinction to your agency. It also works on the proven premise of following the herd instinct. Meaning, by joining 4As, your agency will be part of a larger protected community of advertising professionals who share best practices, knowledge and the latest industry developments.

Why be part of the 4As pact:

  • Established to amplify your agency's presence
    We represent over 80 advertising agencies, local and multi-national, who produce the bulk of the total advertising expenditure in Malaysia.
  • Professional constituted body
    4As represent over 80 advertising agencies, local and multi-national. 4As Members subscribe to the Code of Advertising Practice, the basis of which is self-regulation, administered by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of which 4As is a constituent member.
  • Financially sound
    Members must submit satisfactory proof of their financial stability and be evaluated by the Council before approval is given.
  • Respectability through election by peers
    Prospective Members are evaluated by the Council consisting of the President, Vice President and 8 Council Members, all of whom are elected bi-annually by Ordinary Members (Two other Council Members may be appointed by the President.)
  • Competency assured
    Member agencies have shown competence in providing strategic inputs, and creating and placing advertisements for clients. They also function as competent intermediaries with suppliers for advertisers.
  • Professionally trained people
    4As agencies believe in continuous training. They either conduct their own programmes for staff, or encourage them to train under 4As.
  • They move brands for clients big and small
    Be it air conditioners, banking or even formula racing oil, 4As agencies build brands in every known category using creativity, strategic insights and media savvy.