1. To foster the interests of Members such that it strengthens the position of the 4As in particular, and the advertising industry as a whole. To enable Members to keep abreast of the changing communications landscape, so that they can evolve and be capable of adapting to new developments.
  2. To promote and protect the interests of especially those Members who are handicapped by limited skills and gradually eroding income prospects.
  3. To convince the larger business community that advertising is the most effective marketing communication means to grow brands and their reputation and must be a regular feature of their planning and expenditure.
  4. To uphold excellence in the key areas of our business creativity, media or account management as well as new disciplines, in order that 4As agencies can increase the value of the advertising they deliver to clients, thereby building their own reputation as professional practitioners of communication.
  5. To promote the role of advertising as a vital agent for providing consumer choice to ensure a vibrant economy.
  6. To ensure Members operate within the bounds of spirited competition, fair play, honesty and decency.
  7. To engage relevant outside bodies including the Government in representing the concerns of the advertising industry, in order to further and protect the interests of 4As Members.