Our overall target: Advertising should garner RESPONSIBILITY from its practitioners, TRUST from its consumers, and MODERATION from its regulators.


To promote a full understanding of the vital role of ad agencies, and how they can benefit clients and the media.

To ensure Members are properly evaluated in terms of integrity, experience, work skills, financial responsibility, and agency structure and organization.

To work with the associations of allied businesses for mutually beneficial relations through standard, agreed-to avenues of doing business.

To facilitate free discussions regarding all aspects of the advertising profession (present conduct and changes which could affect the future of the industry), and channel reliable information to its Members.


To promote advertising that serves the public good, while promoting the interests of those producing it —ad agencies, advertisers, media owners.
To lay down ethical standards of service, and make sure these are practiced and upheld.

To promote friendly relations between all ad agencies, in a way that will benefit their clients, media owners and the public.


To negotiate for better advertising practices, and liaise with the Government and other bodies to create an optimal regulatory environment for the industry.